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英國:The Coca-Cola Company Has Been in Progress代寫

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The Coca-Cola Company Has Been in Progress
 Australia:The Coca-Cola Company Has Been in Progress代寫
1. Introduction
With more than 10,000 stakeholders and corporate participants from different countries joining the United Nations Global Compact, it is obviously that more and more corporations are devoted to build a sustainable global economic society. As a member of the UN Global Compact since March 14, 2006, the Coca-Cola Company has been playing an exemplary role in observance of human rights, labor standards and environmental protection for other companies in the world. The Coca-Cola Company is the biggest multinational beverage corporation and the largest manufacturer and it is best known for the most popular product Coca-Cola. Firstly, this essay makes an introduction of the Coca-Cola Company and and analysis of the implementation of two specific principles of the United Nations Global Compact followed by the Coca-Cola Company and provides some detailed recommendations. Secondly, through comparison with another two companies, some detailed recommendations come forward. Finally this paper makes an analysis of these recommendations and ends in expectation.
2. Two Principles
According to recent GRI Report (Coca-Cola 2012/2013, GRI Report)of the Coca-Cola Company, we have gained great achievements in principle 6: the prejudices in the areas of occupation and employment is ag reeded to be abolished; and principle 8: initiatives to improve greater environmental responsibility are ag reeded to be undertaken by the Global Compact. Although it is well-known that the Coca-Cola Company has achieved a lot in principle 6 as well as the Pepsi-Cola Company and Starbucks Coffee Company, these companies still need to improve in some specific way.
3. Three Companies’ Performance under the Two Principles
For instance, the Coca-Cola Company has created numerous jobs and increased economic empowerment for women in different countries, areas and races. In March 2013, we were honored with the 2013 Catalyst Award, which was a high recognition of our job to improve the independence and social status of women, whether in the workplace or through the value chain (Coca-Cola 2012/2013, GRI Report). However, it was reported in 2007 that the Coca-Cola Company was accused of denying the job application of a HBV carrier and the job she applied for was not directly related to food production. As for Pepsi-Cola Company, in 2012, the Human Rights Campaign presented PepsiCo a great award on its Corporate Equality Index for the efforts we have done for our company’s Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual and Transgender (PepsiCo 2011/2012, Sustainability Summary). As for Starbucks Coffee Company, in 2012 the company has integrated the ideas of diversity, inclusion and mutual action into the center of its leadership skills and functional competencies. (Starbucks 2012, Global Responsibility Report). However, the Starbucks Coffee Company in United Stated was accused of dismissed a dwarf and not providing a good work environment for her (Newshoo n.d.).
In the case of promoting greater environmental responsibility, the three companies have spared no efforts in making progress to protect our environment. If present consumption modes go on, the world’s 40 percent of our population will be confronted with the problem of water shortages by 2025 (Bergkamp & Sadoff 2008). The quantity of water The Coca-Cola Company gathered each year am outed to 60MM gallons, and the water had been reused in 2012 in communities all over the U.S (Coca-Cola 2012/2013, GRI Report). In the process of our operations, the Pepsi-Cola Company has reinforced world water-use efficiency by over one-fifth per unit of production since 2006 (PepsiCo 2011/2012, Sustainability Summary) . As for Starbucks Coffee Company, customers brought the cups with them into the Starbucks’ stores for nearly 35.8 million times in 2012, and over 1.6 million pounds of paper were saved from landfills. The customers of the Starbucks’ stores insist on using reusable cups and remain determined to looking for new methods to reduce cup waste.
4. Positive and Negative Lessons
On one hand, generally speaking, the Coca-Cola Company firmly sticks to the principles of the UN Global Compact, greatly improves the global empowerment of women and the management of the world’s precious water resources, and pays much more attention to the well-being of the world’s growing population. The contributions the Coca-Cola Company has made in environment protection and the abolishment of prejudices in respect of occupation and employment and the spirits we firmly believe in to make people live in a better condition are the motives that inspire all employees to be devoted into their daily work. On the other hand, the rules of the human resource management are not consummate enough in some developing countries, and we have to take efforts in the abolishment of prejudices in respect of occupation and employment . In the case of environment protection, the company still need to make progress as we create social value and strive to operate in ever more sustainable ways.
5. Four Recommendations
As for the existing problems in the Coca-Cola Company, I come up with four constructive recommendations and two recommendations for Principle 6 and Principle 8 respectively. The employees, especially those who undertake key positions in the Department of Human Resource Management must under strict and exact evaluation and assessment on the abolishment of prejudices in respect of occupation and employment . As long as the case of the decriminalization in recruitment or the decriminalization concerning ethnic minority employees appear, the leaders in charge should be warned in a written or verbal form, and even discharged. The rules enforcement should be further strengthened, and the company should also set up and perfect the supervision of the abolishment of prejudices in respect of occupation and employment . In the aspect of environmental protection, more degradable materials should be used in the series production and packaging line. Besides, the Coco-Cola Company should also assess both the quantity and quality of local water resources, reduce the water use in the process of our production and set up water projects in local areas to keep water balance. If these recommendations are adopted, not only the Coca-Cola Company will become a magnet for advanced talents and in a way strengthen the talent strategy, but also reinforce the brand image, strengthen the company’s solidarity and advance the status for the customers and employees mentally. In any way, both the company and stakeholders will benefit from the consequent growing economic benefits and the brand value in a short term or in a long view. Consequently both the company and stakeholders will be confronted with some challenges that human, physical and financial resources should be invested. In addition, in the process of dealing with the abolishment of prejudices in respect of occupation and employment , the conflicts among employees maybe predictable.
6. Conclusion
In the last nearly eight years, the Coca-Cola Company has been devoted in following the exact principles by the United Nations Compact since the day the company became a member of the organization. Through the sincere efforts and great contributions the company has made in these years, the consumers in more than 200 countries not only can enjoy our beverages at a rate of more than 1.8 billion servings a day, but also deeply feel the sincerity, passion and commitment of our company to build sustainable communities. Facing the changing economic climate and strong competitors, the Coca-Cola Company has to understand its deficiencies and spare no efforts in decreasing the shortcomings and taking measures to deal with the challenges. All in all, there is no doubt that the Coca-Cola Company is becoming a more and more responsible member of the United Nations Global Compact.
 Australia:The Coca-Cola Company Has Been in Progress代寫
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