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  Assignment 2: Case Study

  The Manda Wilderness Project – Mozambique

essay技巧_critical essay怎么写_expository essay範例   The Nkwichi Lodge is the focus for both accommodation and the operation of the Manda Wilderness Community Trust. The Trust is committed to ‘truly responsible tourism which strengthens the local community and environment’.

  Further details are available from Manda Wilderness Community Trust at:


  Write an essay which discusses the role of management in providing a form of tourism that will achieve the aims of the Manda Wilderness Community Trust.

  It is not necessary to cover all aspects of development. Students may prefer to concentrate on one area of particular interest, such as environmental management or community issues or social/ economic change.

essay技巧_critical essay怎么写_expository essay範例   It is expected that students will refer to the strengths of the project and draw attention to any threats to its future development.

  Consideration should be given to the effectiveness of public and private sector influences towards achieving sustainable development.

essay技巧_critical essay怎么写_expository essay範例   Essay should be set within the context of current thinking on sustainable tourism development and make clear reference to the academic literature.

  Assignment Guidelines

essay技巧_critical essay怎么写_expository essay範例   Format: The assignment should be word processed and presented in essay format. Marks will be lost by poor grammar and spelling.

  Word limit: 2,000 words. The word count must be stated on the assignment. Appropriate material contained in appendices will not count towards the word count.

essay技巧_critical essay怎么写_expository essay範例   Sources: Sources should be acknowledged and referenced according to the Harvard system where appropriate.


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