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Concrete Experience After completing my undergraduate degree in 2008, I began working for an employer as a business analyst. I reported to a Director. My job was to act as a business consultant who provided a business based point of view on any issues that my Director faced. In 2009, one year after starting my job, I was offered a new position with a different Director at my employer. The new Director had met me through a collaborative project done with my previous Director. The new position was explained as a one year term that would involve work similar to what I was currently doing with a slight increase in focus on human resources. After consulting with my current Director regarding the new job, she recommended that I take it expand my experience and organizational knowledge. I accepted the job and planned to spend a full year in the new position. Within two months of accepting the position, I gave my notice.     In regards to learning about myself, I discovered that I make assumptions and need to ask more questions. Just because I see things one way, does not mean that everyone else will have the same perception. I also proved to myself that a salary really can’t make me happy. I always hear and read about how money can’t make you happy, and now from personal experience I completely understand.     In the future, I am going to be more descriptive with the potential employer about what my expectations are of the job and what I understand to be true about the corporate culture. Whenever I make an assumption, I will discuss it to the potential employer to ensure that we are both thinking the same thing.     References Osland, J.S., Kolb, D.A., Rubin, I.M.& Turner, M.E. (2007). Organizational Behaviour: An                 Experimental Approach. 8th edition.  New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.    


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